Predator Game
You can buy and sell the token through the Pancake Swap platform. Deposit it in the game to invest in resources available in the marketplace that allow you to perfect your Predator and turn it into an exceptional being. Or if you wish, you can withdraw your tokens using our intuitive dashboard. Get acquainted with our domestic market!
You are free to use the tokens that you acquire at your discretion and benefit, we take care of keeping it stable and constantly growing it over time.
We guarantee:
  • 100% reliable purchases and deposits.
  • Execution of various activities and events within the game that will seek to protect and favor the economy of the same, as well as safeguard your investment.
  • Stable and balanced flow of the currency.
Additional fees applied:
  • The transfer of tokens to the game does not generate any commission or additional charge for operation in tokens. (It does not apply to the commissions generated by default in the BSC network).
About amounts in operations:
  • It is only possible to deposit or withdraw amounts in whole numbers (without decimals). Example: 1 PRO equals 1 coin in the game.
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