Predator Game
Game modes

1. Aventure

Enter game rooms and test your skills using your favorite Predator, defeat your enemies and get rewards for playing daily.

2. Team Matches

Create your own squad by strategically combining your skills to succeed in game modes like capture the flag or deathmatch.

3. Competitive Matches

Do you think your team is the best? Prove it! Create a room, bet your coins and fight against the opposing team (up to 20 vs 20).

4. Competitive Tournament

The platform will set up a multi-game tournament, where players will face each other until there is only one winner.

5. Spectator

You can bet without playing! Choose your favorite player and bet on him, watch the game and if he wins, you win. You will have the possibility to assist him by buying items or improvements to its Predator but you will only have a few seconds to do so (quick decisions) if you want to help it achieve victory.